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>> reporter: but the fire was coming out of all windows and doors. >> but it wasn't nothing me and him could do because the -- and my main concern was getting him away from there. >> reporter: by the time firefighters got here, they couldn't save her either. >> every angle we approached. we had fire. so we tried from the front. we put ladders up in the rear and then we ended up breaching the walls on the two buildings on either side and we went through that way. >> reporter: when two firefighters did get inside they fell through the second floor. they were both injured but will be okay. six people lived in the apartment a total of 22 are now displaced from the building. >> it was just crazy. how we looked outside and we seen that big fire. >> reporter: 9-year-old neighbor joy considers the girl who died identified as corlina a dear friend. >> it breaks my heart. it hurts my heart. it hurts me because like i said, she doesn't like -- like she was like a sister to me.
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>> reporter: the cause of this fire appears to be accidental but firefighters have not yet been able to determine exactly how it started. on treasure island. anne makovec kpix 5. several cars were damaged by flames at an auto towing yard in pacifica. by the time firefighters got to the fire on palmetto avenue this morning it had spread from cars to an outbuilding. it was windy at the time and that made the fire difficult to put out. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. well, the bright light seen streaking across the bay area sky last night was a sporadic meteor. that's a confirmation tonight from the american meteor society. it was captured on a camera mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle. meteor experts say fireballs happen every night all around the world. this one just happened to be spotted here in the bay area. [ sirens ] that fireball was nowhere the size of the one that
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slammed into russia friday morning. local time. that one was a 7,000-pound chunk of space rock. that hurtled into the ground at 40,000 miles an hour. it caused significant damage and more than 1,000 people were injured. now as cbs reporter tatiana anderson shows us people are cleaning up and crews are looking for the remnants of that space object. >> reporter: people in russia are cleaning up after a meteor exploded over the region friday. they're picking up pieces of shattered glass. and rebuilding windows and doors. this man says his aquarium cracked and the glass on his door broke into pieces. the blast damaged more than 4,000 buildings. the area is extremely cold. so workers are rushing to reseal windows as soon as possible. the governor promised to replace all windows within a week. nasa estimates the explosion was about 30 times the size of the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima. local officials say it injured
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more than 1,000 people and caused about $33 million in damage. cameras captured the meteor in the sky over central russia. now, crews are trying to find fragments of it in a lake about 50 miles from the town. there's a large hole where some say part of the meteor fell. scientists say an event of this magnitude happens once about every hundred years but it's not uncommon they say for meteors to impact the planet more often. >> earth is hit with 100 tons of space debris every day. and that includes at least one basketball sized object. >> reporter: the explosion in russia and the asteroid that just missed earth has people looking up. tatiana anderson for cbs news. it has been four days since the hunt for fugitive ex-cop chris dorner ended in a burning cabin in big bear. and with the man hunt now over, people are heading back to the resort area. cbs reporter louisa hodge is in big bear with reaction from vacationers.
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>> reporter: this normally quiet and remote mountain road is congested with traffic and people wanting to take pictures and take a look at the place where the man hunt for christopher dorner ended. life in the town of big bear is returning to normal. packed restaurants, busy slopes, tourists and traffic. >> it was really nice though to know that it's -- it's done and we can come up and hang and not feel threatened. >> we fame going to come -- actually going to come last weekend and then we saw how dorner was up here so we came this weekend instead. >> reporter: while a feeling of safety returned to the mountain community, the week's events are still on the minds of many. a steady stream of people stopped into take a look at the -- to take a look at the burned out cabin where investigators say christopher dorner took his life. after that gun battle, that led to the death of one san bernardino sheriff's deputy and injured another. >> kind of curious. kind of look i can loo to see where it all happened. >> reporter: janine and richard stopped by to take a look at the condo where police say christopher dorner was hiding out for days.
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while vacationers here were building snowmen and skiing on the nearby slopes, christopher dorner police believe, was hiding out. armed and ready. >> what's amazing how close it was just right across the street. the command post was right across the street. and he just was watching everything just from 100 yards away. >> reporter: candy and her husband own a cabin next door to where dorner was hiding and because it's so close to where his burned out and abandoned pickup truck was discovered they used extra caution before they would walk into their home. >> before we go in let's just make sure. he said we're friendly don't hurt us. >> reporter: the couple no longer needs to live on edge but they describe this weekend as bittersweet. >> life goes on for us but unfortunately it doesn't for others. the families that were affected by what he did is awful. >> reporter: now the only look at this burned down cabin is through a fence that was put up around it to make sure that all the people that are coming here
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keep their distance. live in angeles oaks, louisa hodge, kpix 5. it's likely to anger some in the bay area, why one city says there's a need to hike garbage collection rates for the third time in two years. >> it feels like you're on a roller coaster pretty much. >> they sailed over rough seas and through the worst overweight. we'll talk to the crew of -- of weatherment we'll talk to the crew of a racing yacht who just cleatth completed a trip from fork -- completed a trip from new york to the bay area from record time. >> and remember the bay bridge opening celebration. a live look at the new eastern span as we count down to opening day.
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rate hike for redwood city residents. collection rates could go up by 3-per another possible garbage rate hike for redwood city residents, collection rates could go up by 3% if the city council approves the proposed new rates. it would be the third rate hike in two years. worker raises, higher benefits as well as rising fuel prices are said to be behind the need for the increase. last year the city counsel sill approved a -- council approved
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a 7.2% rate increase. a racing yacht named after one of the world's fastest cars has broken a speed record of its own. the 70-foot maserati sailed into san francisco bay this morning after sailing out of new york less than two months ago. kpix 5's patrick sedillo reports for us. >> it feels like you're on a roller coaster pretty much. >> reporter: now the roller coaster ride is over for the nine man crew of the maserati. the fastest sailboat ever to get from new york to san francisco. >> can you believe you beat the record? >> yeah. >> reporter: the maserati set out on new year's day and took 47 days and the crew resembling the united nations. >> nine of us with six nationalities. on board. >> reporter: along the way, they hit rough sea conditions and bad weather. but they made it. >> we have plenty of trouble. but we was able to resolve the trouble pretty well each time. >> reporter: with all natural power. sailing or motor? >> sailing.
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>> all sailing? >> all sailing. >> reporter: the top speeds were 35 and 36 knots. which means -- >> oh that's like -- 40 something miles an hour. it's not very fast but on a sailboat it feels very fast. we wanted to set a very nice reference time that was going to be very difficult for whoever comes after us to beat. and i think we've managed to accomplish that for sure. >> reporter: so now that they've broken the record, what's next? >> i want to go to eat and to drink a nice beer. >> reporter: this is it, the maserati. breaking the record by ten days. the old record from new york to san francisco around south america was 57 days. they did it in 47. from san francisco, patrick sedillo, kpix 5. 500 jobs just opened in the south bay. what you need to do to be considered for a wide range of positions at santa clara's fifth largest employer. >> five cities across the bay area made it all the way into the 70s today. now rain back in your forecast.
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the pinpoint outlook as the news continues right here on kpix 5.
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pope could start sooner than march 15th. pope benedict stunned the world a conclave to elect the next pope could start sooner than march 15th. pope benedict stunned the world this week by announcing his retirement effective february 28th. he's the first pontiff in 600 years to step down and is staying in office until death. church rules say the conclave is to start 15 to 20 days after the papacy becomes vacant but since they're note dealing with
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a sudden death the vatican is trying the waive the rules -- to waive the rules. the pope though has to approve the change before he resigns. the family of oscar pistorius is denying charges he murdered his girlfriend. though they won't talk about the circumstances surrounding the shooting. his family describes pistorius as numb with shock as well as grief. today a team of lawyers visited the south african runner in jail. the 26-year-old nicknamed blade runner is charged with murdering model reeva steenkamp on valentine's day. police are holding pistorius at least until a bail hearing next week. well, back here in the bay area, santa clara's fifth largest employer is hiring. the great american theme park is trying to fill hundreds of positions for the upcoming season. open positions include medical technicians, security personnel, ride operators, lifeguards and more. the park is also holding auditions for the live entertainment stage shows. >> i'm currently looking for
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about 100 to complete the live entertainment teamment about looking for -- team. also looking for 400 to 500 more people to open the park for the spring. >> applicants for all poxes must be at least -- positions must be at least 16 years old and detailed job descriptions and casting locations can be found on great america's website and we'll put a link to their site on ours at roberta is here talking about theme parks and hiring and makes me think about summer and then you say we've got rain. >> we're going to finally turn our weather pattern back towards winter. >> know enough of the cold weather. let's just bring in rain in right? i've had a chill for about a week straight now. >> even though we had highs today top off into the 70s. good evening everyone. heading outdoors this is the scene looking out. it's the live kpix 5 camera and looking at a thin veil of clouds that will continue to move in towards the bay area. currently, 63 in oakland. san francisco at 60 degrees. san jose with pair of 60s.
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oops that santa rosa temperature is off the mark isn't it? it's currently 67 degrees there. today in and around the bay area, one, two, three, four temperatures there easily into the 70s. not including danville and blackhawk which also reached the low 70s. 68 in san jose is a couple of degrees above average for this time of the year. 37 overnight tonight. santa rosa, back in through sonoma into napa and glen ellen. we'll be coming aross the valley upper 30s in livermore. still there's a bite in the area. downtown san jose looking at moderate air quality right now same story again for your sunday. moderate air with a haze in the atmosphere. westerly is kicking in late day so we have that extended forecast with rain back in the forecast. right now area of low pressure banging up against the pacific northwest. that's going to kind of open the door for a series of troughs moving this way. high pressure moving due east as it does so first area of low pressure, it's a cold front.
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got some pretty strong dynamics that will place some rain in the bucket. good news because we finally actually have fallen below that 100% precipitation normal stat in santa rosa. now at96%. here's the futurecast and presidents' day with a passing high cloud and then we start to see a little bit of light rain in the higher elevations to mount have coo. here's the tuesday morning commute. back to work and school and it will definitely be soggy. and i believe by tuesday evening we'll start to see some lowering of the snow levels. definitely at evening commute that will be wet as well. and we're expecting about an inch and a half of precipitation and the locations here in the bay area between tuesday and about wednesday morning. meanwhile your highs for sunday coming down slightly. 58 at the coast. 64 in emery vail and oakland and also low 60s in throughout santa clara and 64 in clayton. and in concord. here's the extended forecast. notice the bottom falls out on your presidents' day.
5:48 pm
no, still sunshine but temperatures definitely cooler. then tuesday is a rainout and then wednesday some rain in the higher elevations and daily chances of you needing that umbrella thursday through sunday. but just to emphasize again presidents' day we love the guys, abe and george. >> looks good. >> cooler but dry. enjoy. >> thank you so much. all right vern is taking us tot races. >> i -- to the races. >> i guess i didn't get the memo on the whole red thing? >> we just wanted to keep celebrating valentine's day. >> i got dennis o'donnell in the desert. the lines' full first -- giants' full first squad workout. we have the road to the kentucky derby. it started here, yeah it did. dennis o'donnell, hang on. we'll get to you in a moment.
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kentucky derby points system now...the el camino derby at golden gate fields... all right, if it's baseball spring training, i know that you know dennis o'donnell is right there in the mix. he is in scottsdale with the giants. >> thank you vern. today's date is february 16th so technically, we're in the dead of winter. but baseball's calendar revolves around a completely different solar system. as the earth rotates around the sun, the first official day of spring, 2013 is march 20th at exactly 7:00 a.m. but my first day of spring? today.
5:52 pm
it is the giants' first full squad workout. back to the basics of fundamental baseball. take a good look around. 12 video cameras, autograph seekers, a beautiful day of arizona sunshine in the freshly cut grass. it is a moment that comes just once a year. the time of optimism. >> i'm so energetic, i just want to go out there and you know and have a lot of fun but at the same time you know go out there and prepare. >> a time for fun. >> it looks weird -- everything he does is weird. the way he throws and the way he hits the way he looks. >> and confusion. >> 70 guys on this roster. now, all of them are not going to san francisco. but nonetheless, you have to familiarize with guys like edward conception, 70 guys on this roster. let's go finds them. but most of all, spring training marks the return of
5:53 pm
america's pastime. the crack of the bat, the sound of the baseball exploding into leather. are there questions on this world series roster? >> are people looking at you differently now? >> a different story getting ready for spring? >> are there any observations or concerns that you have? >> what are you working on in your game? >> the answers will come another day. for now enjoy it. feel it. seize the moment. it only comes once a year. there are questions on this baseball roster. we'll try and answer some of those when game day emanates live from scottsdale tomorrow night. now the a's' first practice is tomorrow and we'll be there as well. reporting with the giants, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5, vern back to you. all right dennis. throw those shades back on. all right, it's in the kentucky derby point system now. the el camino derby at golden gate field. trainers like the big boys were in albany.
5:54 pm
nowhere, dice flavor...9 to 1 odds... ...a oh, the call to the post and down the stretch we come and out of nowhere, out of the pack, it's dice slaver a beautiful chestnut colt. 9-1 odds and southern california bred. ridden by jose valdeviad jr. winning by four lengths in the mile and an eighth race. that's a thing of beauty at golden gate field. tennis, that's tommy haas enjoying a drink and it's him exiting john isner. haas takes the first set 6-3. second set a little closer, haas in the far court and it would be haas moving on in the fines -- finals tomorrow at hp pavilion. he's got a kid at usf and rooting on the dons against gonzaga today. dons actually tied the game
5:55 pm
twice late but gonzaga just too good. could be player of the year. 26 points and gonzaga wins 71- 61 to stay unbeaten in the west coast conference. matinee at maples in a pac 12. stanford and ucla. the cardinal keep it close. randalls steps up for three. they pull to within five but the break for the bruins just too good. mohammed finishing him off and they're running out of games and out of time. they lose 88-80. stanford now 6-7 in the pac 12. yeah so they're running out of games and yeah we're heading the march madness. >> around the corner on kpix 5 if i can give the shameless plug for march madness next month. i can't wait for that one. >> all right. thank you much. all right, well, in prison for the last six years for a crime he never committed. an oakland man is set to be released next week. the strangers he can thank for
5:56 pm
his freedom tonight at 6:30. that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half an hour and until then our news updates are on good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ]
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am i allergic to any medications? i don't know. last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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harg >> axelrod: tonight, to russia from above. the exploding meteor and the the exploding meteor and the shockwave heard around the world. ( screaming ) tony guida is tracking the aftermath of a very close encounter. the family of oscar pistorius says it will fight the charge of premeditated murder. kelly cobiella has the latest on the double amputee olympian 22
5:59 pm
accused of killing his girlfriend. 100 americans die every day from overdoses of prescription pain killers. >> so some days you're taking 22el b pills.f >> yes.r >> reporter: mark strassmann speaks with an addicted executive. and manuel bojorquez has the story of this american teenager who is the youngest women's world slalom champion in nearly four decades. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening. we begin tonight with thatth meteor that exploded overnt russia. scientists now say it was even bigger and heavier than they first thought, 55 feet long and weighing 10,000 tons. it was moving at a speed of 40,000 miles per hour when it hit the atmosphere, produce an enormous shock wave that blew en out windows and injured 1200ows people in chelyabinsk, russia. tony guida has more on the largest known media to hit the earth since 1908. 1908. >> reporter: at chebarkul lake 950 miles east of moscow, scientists today looked for

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